The Scientific Advisory Committee (SACom) is a panel of experts providing specialised support to the Project Team and Executive Committee, chosen for their eminence and detailed knowledge of agricultural research and its impacts.

Currently, the SACom consists of the following experts:

  • Julian Alston, Professor of Economics of Government Policy Affecting Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Economic Development at University of California, Davis, USA.
  • Danielle Barret, Co-coordinator of the Innovation & Impact Taskforce, Cirad/DGDRs
  • Nienke Beintema, Program Head Environment and Production Technology, IFPRI-Washington, DC.
  • Tim Benton, Professor of Population Ecology at University of Leeds, UK.
  • Robin Bourgeois, Senior Foresight and Development Policies Expert, The Global Forum on Agriculture Research
  • Olivier Chartier
  • Timothy Kelley, Secretariat of the Independent Science and Partnership Council of the CGIAR
  • Catherine Moreddu, Senior Economist at OECD.
  • Gert-Jan Stads, Senior Program Manager,Environment and Production Technology,  IFPRI-Washington, DC.
  • Carlos Sere, Senior Advisor on Strategic Partnerships and Global Initiatives, Bioversity International.