Agricultural research activity data (WP2)

Country reports on agricultural research expenditure

Synthesis and recommendations

  • IMPRESA WP2 synthesis report.pdfChartier, O.; Doghmi, M.; Fourcin, C.; Van den Broek, M. and P. Midmore. 2014. Investment in Agricultural Research in Europe: Synthesis Report. IMPRESA WP2 Deliverable D2.2, February 2014.
  • IMPRESA WP2 recommendations.pdfDoghmi, M.; Fourcin, C.; Serre, A.; Chartier, O. and P. Midmore. 2014. Recommendations for a better monitoring of investments in agricultural research in Europe. IMPRESA WP2 Deliverable 2.3.

Science-based innovation in agriculture and food systems (WP3)

Final conference case study posters

Case study briefs

Case study reports


  • IMPRESA WP3 synthesis report.pdfSchmid, O.; Quiédeville, S.; Sterly, S.; Barjolle, D. and P. Midmore. 2016. Research Impact Pathways – Comparative case study analysis: Synthesis Report. IMPRESA WP3 Deliverable D3.3, October 2016.

Quantitative analysis of research impact (WP4)

Final conference posters

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