19. June 2017 10:17

Bees, olives, and precision farming

Three films on science-based innovations in agriculture

What do Bulgarian bees, Italian olives and German high-tech have in common? They are all subject of IMPRESA case studies on science-based innovations in agriculture, featuring in three recent multimedia productions. Maarten de Roest (story and script) and his team have captured the cases using the medium of film/photography, adding an extra dimension to the stories behind these innovation processes.

The challenges for agriculture and food production from an increasing world population, limited resources, and climate change are multifaceted and require science-based solutions that cut through the trade-offs involved in sustainable intensification. These films illustrate and explain the examples of pest control in olive cultivation, disease control in beekeeping, and precision application of fertilizer in arable farming. Together they demonstrate the important role that case studies have played in the IMPRESA project as a whole.

Browse the IMPRESA website for more information or watch the films directly on Vimeo:

Opens external link in new windowIMPRESA - The impact of research on agriculture in Europe, featuring the Bulgarian Ecostop, German N-Sensor and Italian Canino cases

Opens external link in new windowECOSTOP - Bulgarian science saving bees in Europe

Opens external link in new windowN-SENSOR - Research in German precision farming

More about the Opens external link in new windowcase studies behind the films, and beyond them to find the Opens external link in new windowresults and recommendations from the IMPRESA project, can be found in reports and other materials in these web pages.

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