• 15. April 2015

    Synthesis report on agricultural research expenditure published

    Summarizing the findings of the 20 country-level analyses of agricultural research expenditures the WP 2 synthesis report can be downloaded now on this website. The report reviews the availability of data related to agricultural research, followed by a summary of the current status and trends in investments in agricultural research in Europe. In a final section, the importance of monitoring research expenditures in agriculture at the EU level is discussed. Additional supporting statistical material and summaries of the individual country studies are provided in two Annexes. The synthesis report will serve as a basic document for the workshop “Towards Better Monitoring of Investments in Agricultural Research in Europe” which is held on the 16 April 2015 in Rome. The workshop organized for IMPRESA by FAO and IFPRI will help to formulate a set of recommendations for the development of future monitoring of agricultural research in Europe. Building on the findings of the synthesis report and the workshop, IMPRESA will propose recommendations for the development of future research monitoring to enhance impact of investments in agricultural research in Europe. >>

  • 12. March 2015

    Country reports on agricultural research expenditure now available

    IMPRESA's work package 2 contributes to clarify contemporary understandings of the nature of agricultural and food-related research and thus establishes the context for development of the investigational strategy of its pathways to impact. Perspectives on the contemporary state and orientation of agricultural research expenditure have been explored for 20 EU countries. The 20 country-level reports provide an assessment of the availabilities of data regarding public and private investments in agricultural research and describe levels and trends in agricultural research expenditures. In each of the 20 countries, national experts have assembled the available statistics, consulted secondary data and interviewed key informants. The findings from these studies will be summarised in a synthesis report, soon available on this website. Download the reports as pdf-files are available on the Reports and Publications site >>

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 609448.

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